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Power of Growth

How confidence, charm, style and self- awareness can enhance your life!


By Pasha of Paris

By Pasha of Paris
I will guide you to master yourself emotionally, physically and mentally to become the best
version of yourself! Stop being misheard and misunderstood! Let me take you on a journey
to become THE MAN that women desire to be with!

Introduction of Pasha: “For over 25 years, Pasha has used her experience internationally (Dubai, Stockholm, Paris and NYC) as a private stylist and relationship advisor. During her career, Pasha has counseled numerous men on the “Why’s, What’s and How’s” of living life to its fullest. Her clientele has generally been limited to friends, business associates and their personal referrals.
However, with her success and knowledge she is now providing her guidance and her insight to help men on their journey to self-fulfillment. This process led her to offer “Power of Growth”. It´s mission is simply to offer her experience and a woman’s perspective to single men as they approach the confusing modern world of connection and dating.”


  • To regain the strength, confidence and power.
  • To refresh your style and the gentleman in you.
  • To master communication in order to express your needs and desires.
  • To be able to better comprehend women.


As your advisor /confidante I will:

  • Revitalize the spark, restore confidence, and rejuvenate you.
  • Reconnect you with yourself and with the source of power and enhancement.
  • Assist you with styling and communication; highlighting your strength in the social, personal and dating world.


  • We will establish your deepest desires and wishes.
  • We will together set up clear achievable goals.

We will use effective and easy methods adaptable to your individual lifestyle

will be
a fun

Client consultation meeting

Client consultation meeting:

The goal of consultation is to better comprehend how we together can collaborate for your needs to be met. We all battle with flaws and imperfection. However, the purpose is not to be perfect. The purpose is to show how confidence, charm, style and self- awareness can enhance your life. I will help you to reach your goals by transforming how you feel, talk, carry and perceive yourself. It is not only about the clothes that brings out the confidence in you, it is also about your overall appearance and your mindset. To make you powerful and feel like a million bucks.

Shopping in your closet and analyzing your needs

Here comes the fun part. We will personalize and build the perfect wardrobe for you. This will make your everyday experience of deciding on what to wear very enjoyable. We will maximize your present wardrobe with a few necessary items to make it more versatile and fashion forward. We will organize your closet to fit your personal and life style. Matching your outfits for any occasion will be less stressful and much easier.
Hair and grooming

Hair and grooming

Appearance does matter. To represent and respect yourself in everyday life it takes some time and effort. With the help of hair professional will teach you simple tricks that will not take long. To learn to use these tricks to your advantage is a very important aspect of playing the human game. Once you put this into practice it will benefit you in ways you can´t imagine.
Manners and Etiquette in the new era

Manners and Etiquette in the new era

I will review manners and etiquette that will help you to stand out from the crowed.

Being a modern refined man in today´s society
How to be a real gentleman when you are dating

Profile building on dating apps

We will guide you to build your profile on dating apps in a manner which accentuates your strengths and also presents you in a way, which will attract the type of woman and relationship that you're looking for. This obviously will include choosing pictures and writing copy which reflect those desires. This process is not as obvious as it may seem and will take a great deal of honest and authentic discussion. But if you are willing to be transparent about what you're looking for, we will be able to set a profile which will give you the best opportunity to find just that.
a behavior or a character

To understand the “red flags

A red flag is an action, a behavior or a character trait that will indicate that she is not the perfect fit for you. These red flags are often not immediately recognizable. I will empower you to discover these personality flaws. Understanding what type of women will bring value and be an appropriate fit, appealing and beneficial to your current life is my goal. To understand one`s needs, and limits are important when choosing the right person.